Ayahuasca Experiences, Effects & Benefits


Ayahuasca effects and benefits vary greatly from each Ayahuasca experience to another. This is the first thing you need to know. No two ceremonies are ever the same, and no two people ever have the same experience.

The more you work with this medicine, the deeper your relationship with the plants will become and the greater your range of experiences will be.

And with that said, some people experience incredible changes, insights and healing within just one Ayahuasca ceremony or retreat.

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One thing is certain about your Ayahuasca experience: the plant medicines are always working to give you exactly what you need most in that moment. This is the trust we must place in our journey to get the most from these gifts of nature and spirit.

No matter what your experience plant medicine is a healing process, not a quick fix or a recreational drug trip.

Please be aware that every ceremony unique, and all have the capacity for powerful healing and deep transformation.

Ayahuasca is an intuitive natural medicine that functions multi-dimensionally, therefore the healing process that comes from your Ayahuasca experience is completely relative to your current state of being, both physically and energetically.

In other words, the medicine works on you on every level. And wherever you are at in your emotional, mental or physical state, you will get exactly what you need.

Holding expectations about your any of your Ayahuasca experiences is less useful than being open, curious and simply trusting that you will receive the healing exactly right for you in that moment.

Yes, the Ayahuasca effects can be awe-inspiring psychedelic visions, cosmic spiritual connection and deep emotional journeys of release and discovery…

You may access some of the most magical and profound spiritual insights, often reserved for the most advanced and dedicated spiritual practitioners. One of the great honors and privileges that Mother Ayahuasca offers to us is to experience this level of awareness.

She truly is a loving spirit, but she is also a teacher and you will learn that nothing comes for free.

You may see the error of your ways – habits and ways of being that do not serve you. Maybe things that you’ve done in the past that you need to heal. And you can be shown the direct path to healing your life outside of ceremony, but in the end… you must do the work yourself, and practice what you are taught, in order to integrate the benefits and lessons that you receive.

You may also experience distinctly physical healing. You may sense energy moving in the body, nausea, physical tension or pleasure. At times you may think nothing is happening, however be assured that when you drink, the medicine is working on very deep levels.

Also, if one and a half hours after drinking Ayahuasca you feel no effects, you are welcome to request more which may be administered at the facilitator’s discretion.

As you become more clean and sensitive, you will likely develop a deeper relationship with the medicine and have a broader range of healing during your Ayahuasca experiences over time. With each ceremony that you are blessed with in your life, you will become more clear in how to ask for specific information, be guided more clearly and go deeper into your transformation.

Ayahuasca works to scan your being on all levels, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual, seeking out that which is ready to be healed and released either energetically or physically through purging (vomiting, sweating, using the toilet, breath etc).

Some of the effects and benefits of working in this way with Ayahuasca include, but are by no means limited to:

– Deep, multi-level physical detoxification and healing of many physical conditions and traumas.

– Rapid emotional processing and healing.

– Personal insight to patterns, habits and behaviors.

– Release of negative psychological programs and illnesses.

– Healing of anxiety and depression related illness.

– Spiritual awakening, expanded consciousness and spiritual connection.

– Healing and connection with multidimensional aspects of yourself and all existence.

– Wonderful creative inspiration.

To name a few…

Please note, there are some medical and psychological conditions which must be approached carefully or are not suitable for treatment with Ayahuasca and other Master Plants. Please see our Medical Guidelines page for details and be sure to inform us of any medical conditions past or present when applying to our center.

For more information about our retreats, and how to apply, feel free to read all about our Ayahuasca retreats in Peru, on this page here.

To serving you in your deepest healing,