Sacrament and Ceremony

Religions all over the world have their sacraments; Partaken during a one day ritual of ceremony it is a symbolic act…of renewal…of taking upon one’s self a ‘higher’ new flesh and new blood. The key thought here is symbolic. There is a ‘hidden’ message or deeper meaning to what is played out over and over again. Everywhere in various churches, cathedrals, mosques and synagogues…week after week…month after month…year in and year out, no thought is given to the literal interpretation. What is that understanding? How may a person “see with new eyes” the truest nature of renewal? What does it mean to ‘clothe’ ourselves in a new ‘garment’?

In the Old Way of indigenous people, every meal was a Sacred Offering…from and to the Great Mystery. Thanks and gratitude were always felt in these daily ‘sacraments’.

A Reverence for Life whether plant or animal was ‘automatic’. Every breath, every thought, every step and every action has Sacred Meaning. They were conscious of something that has been forgotten over time with many of us. Where did this Experience come from? Were they in their own made up thoughts of ‘imagining’? Or was there something else involved here that goes unseen in today’s ‘modern diet’? Indeed, what was then is not now. That missing ingredient is actual, literal regeneration or renewal. It came to ancient people with every meal. Their diets were simple and unadulterated. They gathered, planted and hunted in harmony with their surroundings. Certainly there were times of hunger…of crop failure…of ‘fruitless’ hunting parties and consequently when a meal was provided it brought with it an attendant sense of being blessed with preservation and with that came an experience of a simple meal as a great gift of Creator!

This Truth has always existed and still exists today…the purest forms of daily diet always bring an accompanying experience of the Great Mystery and Its’ ability to renew! At the core levels in what it is to be human…in being an integral part of the harmony in Nature…our daily meal offerings are of vital importance. They are the most fundamental of all Sacraments and are Sacred. Why then are we not having this Experience with every ‘Big Mac’ offering? Could it be that it is not in harmony with the Earth? Is it possible that it constitutes a form of ‘food’ that is literally unfit for human consumption? With this certainty of reason, is it any wonder that with every ‘Big Mac’ offering, sickness and disease might be its’ blessing? One Truth is undeniable in the face of today’s modern ‘plagues’ of diabetes, heart disease, obesity and more. The ‘answer’ is in the Old Ways…a simple life made simple through the centering, regenerating experience of organic, daily Sacraments. Made of the bounty from the living plant kingdom, it will be experienced that Mother Earth has not abandoned us to utter misery and suffering. Her abundance is here…it is available right now…if we can ‘see with new eyes’ the message of taking action in this moment in mankind’s maturing.

Written Thoughts  –by Kevin ‘He Who Has Know Name’ Towt, President of Oklevueha Native American Church of Orderville, ONAC of Touquerville and Author of the Book, The Second Genesis Transformation: Passage to Spontaneous Regeneration